Monday, July 30, 2012

Mar 19, 2012

Well where to start. Well first of all, Franklin is amazing. I am truly glad to be serving here of all places. The people are great, they all respect you and what you are doing even though they may not think your church is true they still appreciate what you are doing. I haven't had one person chase us off or be mean to us and hopefully won't have that. The people are amazing, once you trust in the Lord that he will lead you to the places he wants you to go and the people he wants you to talk to, you have so much success. I have truly been able to see so many miracles take place where do to circumstances we are just wandering around looking for people and end up on a street and start tracting and then all the sudden you find some one and start teaching them. We were riding are bikes around this past Friday and didn't have any one to teach and then we just ran into these 3 people. We started talking to them and getting to know them and we after a few minutes started teaching them the plan of salvation. They were extremely open to what we had to say and loved that we accepted everyone no matter what, one of the ladies said that the Catholic church wouldn't baptize her for some reason and was extremely happy to hear we would. I invited all three of them to be baptized yesterday and all of them said yes, and it all started because we trusted in the Lord that he would lead us where he needed us to go. It is amazing to be able to be out here and serve the people of Indiana. It is extremely hard and you face  a lot of rejections some time, but it is amazing to see how rewarding the work is. I am truly blessed to have been able to come out here when I did. We have one investigator who has been investigating for a while and she is doing everything herself. We were going to talk to the church scheduler on Sunday after church and before we had the opportunity to Jessica had already found her after Relief Society and scheduled it herself. She is amazing and I am glad to be able to teach her. The work is the most amazing work to do. I hope all of you know that you have been amazing examples in my life and I love you all tons and hope that all is well back home. I will make sure to keep writing everyone. Love you all.

Love Elder Elquist

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