Monday, July 30, 2012

Jul 9th, 2012

Well hello everyone, it has been a while since I have done one of these so sorry, have been kind of busy with this and that. So how is life going for everyone, I haven't heard that much. Hopefully everyone's  fourth was a good one. Hopefully your states didn't get set on fire from the massive drought. As for me, pretty sure the heat hasn't been horrible. The past 2 weeks we have set record highs since the begging of time. This has been the worst heat wave since 1939. Everything has pretty much died and dried up. We were on bikes this last week when it set the all time high for this area of 108 and about 50 percent humidity. Pretty sure that Utah heat is nothing now. I will be shivering in the summer. It felt like a oven got opened each time there was a little bit of a gust of wind. Pretty sure me and my companion thought we were going to die of heat and just burst into flames. I imagined it looking like when on War of the Worlds the aliens are wiping out the people and they just go poof into ashes. It has been fun though, I just think it will be fun to tell my kids all about it when I have kids in the distant future. Well the work has been going really good here and I have loved every moment of it and wouldn't trade the experiences for anything. Transfer calls were today and I am staying in Franklin, my companion Elder Rogers is leaving. I guess there is still something I need to learn from this area. At the end of the next transfer I will have spent a quarter of my mission here, which is kind of weird to think about. Well I hope all of you are doing well and you are enjoying the summer.

Elder Elquist

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