Monday, January 26, 2015

Elder Jason Elquist, January 26th, 2015

I never know what to write in the group email.
So last Tuesday we had a zone activity and my fear factor both went really well and the best was when the sister missionary tried bobbing for apples in the fish tank with the gold fish. (Did you know that some gold fish only cost 17 cents). I don't think  I will be ask to help out with zone activity anymore because I did so well with my fear factor both.
We invited my investigator name Deloris to get baptized ( Deloris is a 90 year lady) and her answer was "I am down to get baptize Mormon". It was really hard not to laugh to hear her say I'm down. Deloris wants to get baptized in March so she can have her  whole family there.
Elder Elquist (Jason)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Elder Jason Elquist, January 20th, 2015

I am doing great just had a really busy week. My companion and I picked up a new investigator named mike today and he is a really sweet guy he has been taking the JW lessons so hopefully we will have success with him but I am kind of worried that one of these times the JW will try to bible bash with us but I don't like to bash. Nothing crazy has happened to me this week just been trying to not crash on my bike but lets be honest I have gotten to be great at biking. Which reminds me of when a little kid once told me how he didn't have to stop and get off his bike when he needed to get on to a curb. He then tried to show my companion and I how he didn't need to stop but what happened was he crashed but the little kid was tough and played it off. Love you guys,

Elder Elquist (Jason)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Elder Jason Elquist, January 12th, 2015

 don't know what to write so how about this
Monday: Had a lesson with a recent convert 
Tuesday: Went on exchange with Elder Durrant 
Wednesday: Went on exchange with the Traveling AP 
Thursday: I don't remember what happen Thursday. 
Friday: Weekly plan and went on exchange with Elder Day not Gay 
Saturday: Taught Dalorise 
Sunday: Went to chruch. did the cinnamon challege at a members house and they got it on film. then went to appointment and before we got there I threw up.(Note to self:Never do the cinnamon challege again or wait tell I am off the mission.... or about a few weeks.)
-- Love, Elder Elquist (Jason)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Elder Jason Elquist, January 5th, 2015

Man, I have been a slacker!  Jason is doing great.  He is now serving in Temecula, with Elder Guerrero.  He sounded and looked great when we were able to Skype with him over Christmas.  Here are a few of his updates:

December 12th:
We manage to pick up a new investigator and then drop the new investigator. So, what happen was we were biking around a neighborhood going to a less activite member house and then this guy stop us and ask for a book of mormon and we start talking and we set up a return appointment with this guy for the next day. So, we show up and the guy invities us in and we starting talking and he went to grab a book and the book was an anti mormon book. My companion and I saw it and pretend not to let that bug us. we start the lesson off with a pray and after the pray the guy made fun of pray and told us how he is an athesis. we taught him the restoration and after that he made fun of us some more and then read some stuff to us proof how we are wrong the funny thing is that all the stuff he read to us was false and he told us how The mormon reliegion believe that when a black person getts baptize that their skin becomes white. so after that I decide that it was time for us to leave because I really thought this guys was not going to let us leave untill we say that there is no god. So that was fun. 

December 24th:
Merry Christmas and Always have the spirit of Christmas in your live no matter what season it is because if you drop the mas it is the spirit of Christ. 

December 29th:
Sup Bros,

Nothing new has happen to me but I got yelled at by an old lady for 30 mintues last week about offering her a card about how Jesus was the first gift of Christmas. I am just happy she didn't have a heart attack. I found out that she was athesit and she didn't like how a lot of religons do not accept homosexuals  to get married. Also I am getting Transferred and I have no clue were I am getting Transferred because this mission tells everyone who is getting transferred to go to a big meeting and then they find out where they are getting Trasnfers so that will be fun and Good learning experience.

January 5th:
Hey Guys,

I am now serving in The Temecula ward in Temecula. My first day in this area and we were teaching a new investigator and she said she will get baptize on the 24 which is way nice and we currectly have 9 investigators that we are teaching. My mission presdint told me that I could practice ASL and use it which will be fun. It also snow here and it is really cooled when it comes to running. I didn't think I would see snow on my mission.