Monday, July 30, 2012

Apr 23rd, 2012

Well how is everything going for everyone back home? I hope all of you are doing well I don't have tons of time because we are having to walk everywhere to do laundry and go grocery shopping because my back tire got a flat. Well I hope all is well with everyone and you are all enjoying having to make grown up decisions and do things like that. Okay it does sound kind of fun doing stuff like that. But a little about how I am doing. I am still in Franklin for another 5 weeks at least. In 5 weeks from today it will be transfer calls and I will find out then if I am leaving. Hopefully not because Franklin is awesome. So some things going on here, we have had weird weather with it being 80 one day not needing our suits to 54 the next day needing suits. Hopefully here soon it will be a little more consistent. We are having a lot of success here and that is great and I think bad at the same time because it gives me the feeling that we might get transferred. Hopefully we don't because I love the people here and love are investigators and want to see them reach there goal here in a couple weeks. Well I have to get going hope all is well with you.


Elder Elquist

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