Monday, July 30, 2012

Mar 12, 2012

Well just a quick summary with what is happening to me is. I am in the Town of Franklin Indiana it is about 45 minutes south of Indy. It has been quite interesting here. The ward is awesome, they love to feed us, so I usually don't have to cook my own dinner which is great. It was a shock the first few days getting out here and realizing I was actually out here. So it took some time to get used to not being in Utah anymore. It took some time but I got over it. I am glad to be out here, but it is hard work. It truly does exhaust you. I love my Bed. The apartment where we stay is very small. The bedroom dining room and study area are all one room. We then have a kitchen and bathroom, with a toilet that is right in front of the Bathtub, so to use it you have to put your feet in the bathtub. It has been quite interesting. I get a car every other week, so I will have to get a bike Today, so that I have it when we give the car to the other part of are district. Well I am running out of time. I would love pictures of everyone in kind of a photo album if you could do that it would be great. Love you tons. I only have a certain amount of time on the computers at the library. I love you lots. I know this church is true and it is amazing to see how it changes lifes. I love being out here, it might be hardwork but it is rewarding. Love you all and look to seeing you in 23months.

Elder Elquist

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