Monday, August 24, 2015

Elder Jason Elquist, August 24th, 2015

SO this Sunday during Elder quorum this Non member name Devon stood up and bore his testimony of the gospel and said he wanted to get baptize and he has been coming to church for since ever since I have been in this ward becuase he lives with the bishop of the ward I am serving in. So this Wednesday he will be getting baptize at 6 and this awesome. The lord is always preparing people to receive the gospel. 

Elder Elquist(Jason)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Elder Jason Elquist, August 17th, 2015

So this last week and a half has been pretty eventful. I was riding my bike and all of the sudden I lost my balance because I was riding my bike with no hands and I went to grab my handle bars to gain my balance and over shot with my right arm and I went flying off my bike.  All of the sudden I heard this loud snap when my right arm/wrist hit the ground. I tried to bike home but my bike was broken and I couldn't feel my right arm.  We walked to hospital and they took some xrays and I found out that I broke my arm and wrist and I saw the xray of where it was broken.  3 days later I went into get some more xrays and a hard cast and the new xrays didn't show any fractures or anything. I did some soft tissues damage to my arm and my wrist is so fragile that if I was to crash or land on my arm it would break. I know that God healed my arm up good so I can work hard but he let it hurt so I learn my lesson to be safe on my bike while on a mission. I know that God can heal anyone regardless of who you are. I know that we can also we healed from the effects of sin.

-- From, Elder Elquist(Jason)