Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Elder Elquist, January 27th, 2013

Well this past week was really fun. To start off the week we ended up going to Dayton on Tuesday for zone conferences which was really fun to see my old zone and catch up on how are some of the people I taught were doing, so that was good stuff. Then Tuesday we were with the Cincinnnati North stake, and it went really well. Then Thursday finishing them up in Cincinnati East Stake, it went really well and we were able to get a lot of training done. It was super long though, it went until 5:30 that day.
Friday we had to go to a zone weekly planning session and it was really good, we had a lot of great stuff happen, in being able to see how the missionaries are doing there planning sessions. So that was good.
Saturday we met with President and ran errands and then Sunday we have had several people to stop by and then we were able to get a lot of stuff done today, that was pretty much all the stuff we were able to get done this week. Things have been really good though, just getting lots of work done and trying to stay as busy as possible.
The work in the mission is going awesome there is a lot of amazing things happening all over the place and it is going to be an awesome year for the mission this year.
Well I love you all tons and miss you.
Elder Elquist

Monday, January 20, 2014

Well how is everyone doing this lovely December morning, everything is going really well here. I have been all over the place this last week, we didn't get time to work in are own area but it has been a blast. This past week the miracle that has happened is being able to pull off the Zone Conferences. It was a little shaky at first but we have been able to get them down, we still have 3 more to go but it is going to be a blast. Everything is going really well and we are just getting things done. Things are going well and we are just getting things done and trying to get as much done in the time we have. We never have time in the day to get everything done we need to. But we have to keep on moving forward. Well I love you all tons and miss you.

Elder Elquist

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13th, 2014

Well hello family, I don't have tons of time to write right now but I want to send you a quick email and just let you all know that I am alive and well, we have just been super busy with a bunch of stuff going. These next 2 weeks are going to be gone everyday except Saturday through Monday and then the same the next week. So it will be a lot of fun. So I have been getting questions a lot about when I email and stuff and when my preparation day is. The truth is we don't really get one, so when ever we have time to do stuff we do it. So I email occasionally during the week to get it all done and what not. But for the most part we are constantly busy doing something, we have about 24 exchanges to do and 4 weeks of traveling and trainings. So we are super busy. So it will be a lot of fun and time just flies.
I was going to try and email everyone but I just don't have the time, I will try to email everyone a little bit but for the most part I will email later in the week, when I have a chance.
But it has been amazing being here, it is sweet getting to watch President Porter work and just seeing how much the spirit guides him and helps him to guide the mission.
Well I love you all and miss you. Take care.

Elder Elquist