Monday, July 30, 2012

Apr 16th, 2012

Well I want to let all of you know that I am sorry for grammatical errors I make. English has never been a strong point for me, in fact I hate English, honestly how many different versions of to, there, wear, or even one that drives me nuts is are and our. Or except and accept. English let me tell ya. Well now that I have gone on, on that tangent for a second. Well the work is going great, I love being out here and being able to do this work. There is a unique spirit you receive when you are set apart as a missionary and it is amazing to see the revelation you can receive when you are out here. I am constantly amazed at the things we are able to learn from the Lord as we are out here. I am not looking forward to having to go home and lose that. So a quick story we have been trying to find new investigators and trying to get people interested for a while, we are constantly doing things to meet people and talk to them about the church, and we have been seeking the Lords help and yesterday we were walking out of are apartment and this guys dogs ran up to us and we started petting them and he walked up and started talking to us and didn't even notice are name tags and we started talking and him and his girl friend are actually looking for a church to go to, we were able to talk to him and set up and appointment to talk to them. It is amazing to see answers to are prayers. When you ask you will receive answers to your prayers. I am loving Franklin and it is amazing to see the work progressing. If there is one thing I am glad that I get to do out here it is talk to people everyone has a unique story and needs something that the gospel can give them. I hope you all are doing well and that you all are amazing people. Love you all.

Elder Elquist

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