Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30th, 2013

So how have you all been these past few days? I have been enjoying life and just loving everything. It was good to get to talk to a few of you on Christmas. Sorry for not being able to talk to you all of you, I was supposed to be done calling by about 12ish are time. So I will just talk to the rest of you all in person when I get home.
This past week has been insane, we had a super busy week of exchanges and Christmas stuff going on.
So Monday we were able to get a lot of stuff done and we had to be done with Preparation day at 1 so we could take the rest of it on Christmas. So we went on exchanges with the greenville which was good we got a lot of things done.
Tuesday was Christmas Eve and we went and had a good dinner with a great member family, really good food and it was good company.
Christmas day we woke up a little early and went down to dayton for breakfast and then made calls and played basketball and then went to appointments and then we had Brownies at a members house in Dayton which was a blast. Got to love Dayton.

Thursday we were on exchanges in Dayton and got to see a lot of people with the two different sets and get work done with them, try to get things moving more smoothly down there.
Friday we were told by the assistants to try to go round up one more baptism in the zone, so we went to Dayton again and couldn't get anyone on date. So the was a bummer.
Saturday more exchanges and soccer with the spanish branch. Then Sunday was calm, got to go give a blessing.
One thing that has been really cool is I have been working with a family that has a really bad addiction to drugs. What has been really cool is they are cleaning themselves up and making a lot of progress on that front. They are now 4 days clean and pushing strong and getting there lifes in order. The Dad actually came to church and it was awesome.
That was pretty much my week. Kind of packed full of exchanges and stuff not a ton of time in are own area. So that was pretty much it for us.
Well I love you all and hope you have a great rest of your day and happy New Years.

Elder Elquist

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