Monday, December 23, 2013

Elder Braden Elquist, December 23, 2013

Wow how insane is it that it is pretty much Christmas again and we are getting to talk on Wednesday, it has been insane here with us, we have been super busy with the work just cruzing and getting things done. I can't believe how quick time is flying and we are just super busy with tons of stuff going on.
So one miracle that has been happening here is as a zone we have been struggling to get member present lessons and people at church and so we have been working really hard at changing patterns and getting stuff done. So this past week we actually were at the top of the mission for all of those except one. So we are doing a lot better and it has been awesome to see everything progress.
So Monday was a good day I am trying to think of what we did and I am having a brain fart right now so I am going to cheat and look in my planner. So Monday was preparation day and we got to get a lot of stuff done with that. We spent like 3 hours working out I am not going to lie and so I was getting ripped or attempting to. I actually ran a consistent 3 miles in 25 minutes. So I am pretty proud of that so I am going to continue to step that up and see how quick I can get it down. So Dad get ready to run when I get home.
Tuesday we had a pretty good day we were down in Dayton on exchanges and it is always a fun experience doing that and helping them out. I love working with the Elders down there and I get to see lots of cool people.
Then Wednesday we had a fun day with lots of stuff going on with Christmas conference in the next day. We got a call from President Porter telling us that Elder Thompson was leaving because another missionary went home so they needed him to go to muncie for 2 weeks then he is going to get transferred again.
Thursday was Christmas Conference and got to see a ton of missionaries and so that was tons of fun and had a lot of things happen.
Friday was the ward Christmas party and it was fun.
Saturday I went down to dayton again for and exchange on Sunday. So that was fun. The weather has also been treating us nice, it got up to 68 yesterday and it was awesome. So needless to say it has been a good week. Then to top things off I get to have a way awesome week this next week and we will see how it goes over the next little bit I am sure it will be awesome.
So yeah it has been and awesome few days and the work is going really well and things are taking off and heading in the right direction and getting stuff done. Well I look forward to talking with you some of you on Wednesday and others other times. Love you all and take care.

Elder Elquist

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