Monday, December 9, 2013

Elder Braden Elquist, December 9th, 2013

Well it's good to hear from everyone this past week was a really good one, we had a lot of interesting things happen and so hopefully I can give you a run down of what all happened. So Monday was a normal day, just craziness breaking loose and having a million things to get done, but that is are life.
Tuesday was a really good day, we had Mission Leadership council which went from 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, talk about a long meeting and then having to go on exchanges the next day, we ended up just winging zone meeting on Friday and it turned out really well, we got to see a lot of great things happen and we got to see the work of the Lord all through out the week.
So Wednesday we went on exchanged down in Dayton and it was good we got a lot of work done for them and hopefully we can get the area down there progressing. It has been really frustrating at times because the zone has hit a bit of a slump lately, but at the same time we have been doing awesome and so we are going to be showing the zone what we do and hopefully they can learn from that and then take it into there area. So Thursday we were in are area and it was really good we got to meet with a couple of different people. The big stuff happened at night when I got a call from one of the district leaders in the zone saying they needed permission to leave there area to a place they didn't know. So of course I said no. They went on to ignore that and left the mission and ended up clear down out of the mission. So by this time I am fuming mad and getting after them over the phone. So we end up having them get dropped off some place in the mission boundaries by the person that took them out of the mission. So the assistants pick them up and then we had to go down and pick them back up. So that was fun. Not. So Thursday we got back by 11:30 at night and just hit the hay.
Friday was zone meeting and we got hit with a huge snow and ice storm, so the cars got grounded and so we just made the best of it by working around in the area by the church and then had to go home. So that was fun.
Saturday we had a baptism and it was an awesome experience getting to see Myonah get baptized so we were super excited to get to work with her over the past 4 months. So it was hard work paid off. Then Sunday we were in meetings with church and then Stake Coordination with the Mission President and Stake President so that was really intense and fun. Definitely a long Sunday of meetings. So that brings us to today.
The work here has been going awesome and we are getting a lot of work done, it has been super fun with my new companions and we are just trying to pluck away at the work and get stuff done. I will make sure to send some pictures with this email.
Love you all and take care, keep up the hard work of shoveling back home.
Elder Elquist

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