Monday, October 6, 2014

Elder Jason Elquist, October 6th, 2014

So nothing new has really happened to me, on Saturday after the afternoon session some elders and I went on a blitz of an area. My companion and I were walking and we contact this guy who was just wasted it is way funny, he got mad because his face was not on a card and then he made fun of me because I have really big lips. He started making duck faces at me trying to get his lips as big as mine. Then on Wednesday my companion and I were riding on bikes to Less active members house and this black guy drove pass us and yelled F mormons at me and then when he pass my companion he yelled F you to buddy. Other then that I have nothing new happen to me. So in General Conference I receive a lot of answers to my questions. But They talked a lot of about family so I think no matter what we need to make family time the most important time ever. Love you guys.
Love Elder Elquist
PS. I have already lost about 35 pounds

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