Monday, October 21, 2013

This past week has been quick and yet at the same time it felt like a normal week. So I don't know really what is going on  time front. It seems like everything is just speeding up and it is going super quick. 
So I don't have much time today to say much, but I will talk about something that is pretty dear to me, and that is the Savior and his example. A lot of you remember me from my young childhood days and remember how much I loved to ask questions. I can successfully say that, that has not changed, in fact I probably ask more questions now. So back to the Savior, in all he did he asked people questions, he would explain what he meant, but usually every answer he gave was in fact a question. So questions make us think. So ask questions people. Love you all a ton and miss you. 

Elder Elquist

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