Monday, October 28, 2013

Braden's update for October 28th, 2013

So how is every one doing on this beautiful fall morning, everything is going really good here we are just enjoying it being cold. Not really, I would prefer summer to come back. It was good times with warm weather. 
So the random thought I have for this week is, the Book of Mormon and Bible. This is something a lot of members I believe get a little confused on, we need both of them. They are equal and contain the fullness of the gospel. We had an interesting experience this last week with guy trying to prove us wrong, well it actually happens quite often, but anyways we were talking with him and he wanted us to show him the need for the Book of Mormon. So the answer is simply this, it clarifies and enhances the Bible. And it goes both ways. There are a lot of instances where the Book of Mormon is confusing and we are able to gain clarification by cross studying parts of the Bible. I think a lot of us forget about one or the other, where in reality we need both. We have so much more of an advantage having both of them and being able to study out of both. We have more word, then to add on top of the Book of Mormon we have modern Prophets and Apostles. So there is your random thought for the day. Love you all and take care.

Elder Elquist  
Additional info from other emails:
"So new things with me, it got really cold last week and then it is warming up again, so that has been fun, I think that is pretty much all from me as far as I know on new things.
My past week was a good one, the chapel still has bed bugs, which has really been a pain in are butt. Usually we have 6 or 7 investigators at church and less active members also, but for some reason we can't even get the active members to show up. We usually average at about 140 people in the congregation, but this past week we had 25. So it is like being in a branch all over again.
So Monday we had a lesson with a Recent converts sister Myanna, she is doing well she is in 1 Nephi 19 right now and is progressing really well. She will hopefully be getting baptized on November 9th and it will be a good experience to see her make that covenant. 
Tuesday was a fun day, we met with a former investigator. He was taught a year ago, and for some reason the missionaries stopped seeing him. We quickly found out why on that one. He just wanted to prove us wrong the whole time. He didn't really want to listen at all just bash with us. So we invited him to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it. 
Wednesday we had a really slow day and nothing really happened, it was cold. Pretty sure there was snow on the ground in the morning, but quickly melted and went away, hopefully it went away for ever. 
Thursday we had a really good day. We were able to meet with Myanna again and talked with here about the importance of Church and making sure that we come and partake of the sacrament. Then we also had another miracle happen and a part member family called us up and wanted a blessing, so we talked with them and got to give a blessing and teach them a lesson. 
Friday we had a really slow day, nothing to really report on that one, super cold.
Saturday was super busy and we had a lot of good stuff happen. We were able to meet with Chris, the son of a member he is 49 and likes to drink. Then we met with a couple of other random people. 
Sunday was okay, only had sacrament meeting due to the bed bugs, and then went out and tried to find people to teach."

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