Monday, September 30, 2013

Elder Braden Elquist, September 30th, 2013

Well it has been an interesting past few days and weeks, and in fact months and year. I have loved every second of it, but it doesn't mean that it has all been easy or fun. But oh so worth it.

So the thing I am going to rant on this week is a change of gears from the usual stuff I do. I want to talk about what a mission can do for you. So to do that I want to speak on what it has done for me. Truly words can not express the feelings I have about this time and what it has done for me, but what I do know it has done for me is helped me gain a relationship with my Father in Heaven and also my Savior Jesus Christ. I can honestly say if it wasn't for both of them as well as the comforter, I would not be here today.

Another thing I have come to know is true Joy for your fellow brothers and sisters in the world. One of the most amazing things to watch and see is someones life change because of the gospel. Over the past few weeks I have been able to watch an Investigator Donnie start from not religious to sitting down and reading 10 chapters in the Book of Mormon. The change it has brought to his life has been amazing to see. He has a glow about him and has truly been changed.
The other thing I have watched over the past few years is myself and what it has done to me. I know that my mission is one of the things my Father in Heaven expected me to do on earth. He had set the bar for me to do it, I can remember from a very young age knowing I would go on a mission one day. It has also been apparent in my life that Satan doesn't want that to happen. He has tried to stop me from making it here, but I made it here and moving through it all full speed ahead. No way I will quit.

I have also seen what it has done for my Family, I have been around a lot of missionaries and I don't know very many of them that have Aunts and Uncles, Grandmas, Grandpas emailing them and even all of their brothers and sisters  and parents emailing them. I truly have come to love and appreciate the closeness of our family, because I know that not everyone has that.

It also is a great cause to want to share it with others, when I see someone on the street I want them to have what I have and want them except it is because I can see what it would do for them.

So the reason I share this is because I know that all of you are affected by missions in one way or another and have an influence on the youth. So my plee for you is to get them ready for what it can do for them. Teach them the basics of praying and having a close relationship with there Father in Heaven and help them to go out. Get them out and it will change them for the better. Hopefully this doesn't bore you or anything. I love you all and appreciate the love and support you give me.

Elder Elquist

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