Monday, September 16, 2013

Braden's update for September 16, 2013

So how is everyone doing this fine Monday. I am doing great, just loving life and trying to work as hard as possible. The weather has started to get cold which I don't like, I hate snow and I hate winter. Just saying I am done complaining about cold. So it has been a lot of fun this last week. We had are investigator Robert get baptized which was awesome, he is such a neat guy. 22 years old and has a super strong relationship with Christ. Also super funny. My companion sneezed into his arm yesterday, and Robert thought he was blowing up his muscles, so he started blowing his muscles up. Super funny.
So for my random spiritual though today, I was studying this morning and I was thinking about why some people accept the gospel and why others don't. So I was thinking and I came up with a couple of examples in the scriptures. The first being Laman and Lemuel vs. Alma the Younger. So when we look at these two they were both able to see and angel. But two different outcomes. One straightens out his life and goes on to be the Prophet, the other two go on to be the cause of so much bloodshed and heart ache to thousands of people. So looking at the two the thing I came up with is the Humility. Laman and Lemuel were prideful and didn't want to let God into there life and expect his plan. The other was willing and did act on the things he had planned for him. Humility is a key factor in life, if we have not humility we aren't willing to listen and learn. But we can always learn new things and learn and grow. It is when we think we can't that we are compelled to be humble. So my advice is be humble and willing to act on the plan God has for each and everyone of you.
Well Love you all tons. I included a picture of the baptism and me and my last companion
Elder Elquist


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