Monday, August 26, 2013

So how are you all doing, I am doing great, just enjoying Missionary life and trying to stay as busy as possible. So this past week has been pretty awesome, we got to have Elder Dalin H Oaks of the 12 come and speak to us, which was awesome. The spirit is so strong when you are in the presence of them it is awesome.
So my random thought for this week, has been something on my mind a lot. One of the greatest joys of my mission has been getting to talk with people and here all of there stories, and one thing that has been apparent in most peoples stories, is that they are all hurting. In fact I believe the world in a whole is struggling and it is sad to see. We as members of the church have the cure for the worlds struggles, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The way to gain a Personal relationship with are Savior and Redeemer, It is my testimony that Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ can carry us all through the trials and tribulation and will help us no matter where we are. So I am guessing you all know that I like sharing Mormon messages so here is another one to check out, that I really like.


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