Monday, January 7, 2013

The work has been going well from up North in Mishawaka, it seems like each day is a new adventure. It is awesome to be out here and serving right now, the work is going to change with the age change. It is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! This just shows how much the Lords hand is in this work. But I want to talk for a second about a lesson I have learned recently. It is how much we matter to God, we may not always see how a particular trial or problem could be for our benefit but anything our Heavenly Father does for us is there is a reason behind it. It might prepare us for something that he knows is going to happen in the long run. It is amazing to see how much he truly is in our lifes. One of my Favorite quotes is "We are Nothing, but Everything to God." Well I hope all is well for each and everyone of you and everyone is having a great New Years, make sure to keep your New Years Resolutions.

Elder Elquist

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