Wednesday, December 26, 2012

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you. I hope all of you enjoyed your break from work and school and other things. Hopefully you guys got to have a good day with everything. I got to talk with some of you, and it was fun trying to guess who I was talking to. But I got it figured out. It is definitely different spending Christmas out on your mission, I don't know what it is, if it is the part of being by yourself or just being focused completely on the savior, that it just makes a lasting impression on you. I feel a lot closer to my Savior after this Christmas season. It was different being on my own out here and really having no one but Christ with you. One thing I would encourage you all to be thankful for is your families, and just how much they mean to you, take them away and what is the point of anything. It brings me peace to know that all of us will be to live together with our families forever and that death does not separate us.
Well a experience I had this week, was this. The week started off really slow, with everyone telling us to come back after the Holidays and everyone being in a rush. I think it really hit my newbie pretty hard, I could tell he was having a rough day on Saturday when no one really had time to talk with us. We were talking about this and he told me it was pretty hard for him. So I decided to go ask Heavenly Father what to do, so I did, I went and knelt down and prayed and had an amazing prayer, I truly could feel that I was talking with my Heavenly Father and I knew that it was going to be okay, I knew that we just needed to have a good attitude about it all and that we would see miracles happen and  what do you know. I kept my promise to have a good attitude and the Lord provided the miracles. We were able to find receptive people, helped a family move on the spot and got to be miracles to them and then got to teach several people and so it was an amazing experience with prayer. God will answer all of our prayers if we ask in Faith and have real intent. I hope all of you have a good Holiday break.

Elder Elquist
Caption for the picture is from Left to Right
Trainer, Trainer, Trainee
Elder Parker Begat Elder Elquist who Begat Elder Boyer.

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