Monday, October 22, 2012

Braden's update for 10/22

Well hello everyone everything is going alright with me, for this week I decided to keep it short and just send a lot of pictures and things to you all. I hope you like the pictures and everything and have a amazing week with life. Hope all is well. Love each and everyone of you.

Elder Elquist

Editorial note from Mike Elquist.  Braden is doing awesome!  This emergency transfer really feels like a lesson from the Lord.  Braden had wished to serve in Indianapolis and South Bend.  It's like the Lord said, ok here you go, but now just concentrate on My work.  Great stuff, and he has a great attitude.  He said the church was packed with BYU fans on Sunday, and that the companionship in the apartment before he arrived has taught him the importance of cleanliness!


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