Monday, September 17, 2012

Well another week came and went. It is honestly scary how quick time goes. I can not believe I am emailing again. It is really weird. It feels like yesterday I was doing this same thing. The weeks have turned into days and the months to weeks. Better make the best of these last 17months. Well where to start, this last week was by far the busiest of my mission. We had all sorts of stuff going on, we were teaching finding, talking and a bunch of other things. It was fun though. It makes time go by even quicker. We have transfers coming up here 2 weeks from Wednesday. I know I have said this before, but I am pretty sure I am leaving. Maybe.... At the rate I am going I will probably serve my whole mission in Franklin, which isn't a bad thing. I might have to start paying taxes or something but hey. I love being out here at this time and in this place. I honestly can not think of a better place for me to be than here. I am constantly amazed at the miracle of the Saviors Atonement and all that he continues to do for us on a daily basis. I never really looked at things they way I have been able to out here. The work continues to progress and go forward. I hope all is well with everyone back home. Love you all and hope everything is going great.

Elder Elquist

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