Monday, June 10, 2013

So just a quick email letting everyone know where I am at, my address is:
1226 Elmwood Ave
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
So that means that I am going to the new Cincinnati Ohio mission. Should be a lot of fun and interesting things going on here, I also found out that instead of going home on February 11th like they had told us back in January, I will be heading home at my original date of February 18th. So there is also a quick update on my life. Also for all of you who heard me swear that I would never drive a mini van. Guess what the zone leader car is here. A Dodge Grand caravan or a mini van. Great right? Now it is not going to be me yelling at the mini van, some one else is going to be yelling at  me in the mini van.
So there is a quick update just letting you know where I am at and stuff.

Love Elder Elquist

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