Monday, April 22, 2013

So this week has been pretty amazing I don't have tons of time so I am going to tell a story of what happened to us:
So a little background is that are ward has 1 young woman and 2 young men. So they were planning a cook out for this next week and they didn't have enough young women to do it and so the Young women had been praying for some one to be able to come. So here is where we come in. We had been trying by some potentials and found a record for a less active lady and we got to stop by and teach them this last week and she has 3 kids who aren't baptized and we taught them a lesson, and at the end the daughter a 17 year old ask, can I come to church at your church? We were shocked you don't just have that happen. So we were super excited to have it happen, so we found her a ride and the Young women were super excited to see there prayers answered. The daughter is going to becoming to the activity this week. God hears anyones prayers!

Elder Elquist

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