Monday, March 25, 2013

Braden's Update for March 25th, 2013

Well this last week has been fun and exciting doing a lot of finding, which is always makes for some interesting stories. This most recent fun story is, we were out trying by some less active families and were out in the country side and we are in the middle of no where and we pass a farm house and a dog comes running out in front of the car, so I stop the car super quick and the dog just start barking and growling at us, so I start to try to go and the dog jumps in front of us again, this goes on for about 5 minutes and the owner comes out and has to chase the dog away so we can get going. As soon as the dog get's out of the way we gun it and are going probably 35mph and the dog is running along side us and so I speed up even more and the dog gives up and we get away. We were sitting there laughing for what felt like 20 minutes. Other than that everything is going great. Well I hope all is well with all of you back home.

Elder Elquist

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