Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Update on Braden for November 27th, 2012

Well, it's been two weeks of no "common" email from Elder Braden.  I imagine he is just too busy, and has tried to cut down on the number of emails.  Here's a few quick factoids for his recent changes and adventures.

1.  He was emergency transferred to Mishawaka, which is right next to South Bend.  I get the impression the area was a gigantic mess as far as investigators, relationships with members, the upkeep of the apartment, etc.

2.  He was assigned to be a trainer, which means he now has the added responsibility of taking an Elder who has just arrived in the field and training them up on what to do, what not to do, how to work as a missionary, etc.

Between cleaning up messes and training a new Elder, he seems very busy.

He is still very Braden.  Check out a brief exert from his latest email to me:

"The work has been a lot better this week, despite the short week, with Thanksgiving and Leadership meetings and district meeting and a couple of other things we had a good week to which I am thankful for. We were able to find 3 new investigators. So are teaching pool is at 4 which is way better than 0. So I am not complaining, we are just going to work as hard as possible to find more.
Thanksgiving was a good day we went over to a members house and had a big dinner, it was really good. I can not say I didn't miss the usual things but I am glad I am where I am at. Especially with the count down to the end of the World on December 21st. So we are just trying to save as many souls as possible in the time we have. My district leader and I have mapped out are plans for when the zombie Apocalypse starts. So we are all ready to go. We have both gone through the zombie survival guide and so we feel pretty prepared to do what needs to be done."

Good to know he is still preparing for the upcoming zombie infestation!

And lastly, here is his Christmas message to one and all:

"Well the Christmas season on a mission, is definitely something that is quite a bit different than a normal one. It is helping me to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and what everything is about. I think to what Christmas really means, to me it simply means more Christ. It helps us think of the many blessings that he has given each and everyone of us. He has truly been a blessing in my life, I can not say all that he has done for me, but the most important thing being the Atonement, which is at the center of all that we do and makes it possible to live with our Heavenly father again. Being out here I have ran into many people that think they can not be forgiven of there sins or Transgressions because it was to bad, To that I simply weep for them. Christ is there for all and will deliver us from our trials and tribulations no matter who we are or what we have done. Let us all draw closer to him in this season. May Christ be the center for us all at times and especially this season.

Elder Elquist"

And that concludes this issue of the Elder Elquist blog.


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