Monday, August 6, 2012

Braden's update for August 6th, 2012

Well how is everyone doing this week, The mission here in Indiana is doing pretty swell. I have enjoyed getting to meet a variety of different people walking around town and riding bikes around town. It makes me laugh when I talk with missionaries who have had a full time car for most of there missions and I laugh when they say it has been hard. So I decided to make a list of all the "fun things I get to do on a Bike" The first one is Bike Laundry often times on Mondays we get to bike laundry a mile you really get some funny looks, Next Bike the laundry home with a backpack full of Groceries, Next When it is 111 degrees out side you get to bike around looking for people to talk with along with that it is about 60% humidity so add like 10 more degrees. Well there is just a short little list of fun things I get to do on a bike. Well The mission is truly and amazing experience and I have loved every moment of it and wouldn't change it for anything. I hope all is well and you are all doing well.

Elder Elquist

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